Hittin' the trails

Danielle was busy working an adoption event in Las Vegas last weekend. This meant that it was time for Kunzie and I to share some quality time together once again.


I recall the times when Danielle was slightly hesitant to let Kunzite out of her sight and keep her well pampered. Now Kunzite is allowed to experience all that life has to offer. You will recall that a couple of weeks ago I introduced Kunzite to a couple of hundred bikers while Danielle was out of town. Kunzite turned out to be the star attraction and quite the biker chick.



Check out more pictures from the event. Watch the slideshow "Biker chick."


I was all set to hit the trails with my Jeep club when Danielle told me that she was heading to Vegas to work an adoption event and I was foster dad for the weekend. What was I going to do with Kunzite or should I stay at home and look after the monster? Heck no! Kunzite is turning out to be an outdoors kind of girl. This was tested when we took Kunzite to the local Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. She romped around with one of our other dogs, chasing and fetching balls until we were exhausted watching them! Easily digging in the pink sand we think that she was trying to make it all the way to China. Now that she is sprouting up in size she has also become very quick and loves to run and feel free.


Keeping this in mind I thought that it was time to experience off road driving. So with the top down and sun in our hair we headed off to meet with the rest of the club and hit the trails. The first time that we had Kunzite in the Jeep she had experienced some travel sickness and looked a bit cautious. Now she is a pro! I wish that our other dogs behave as well as she does in the Jeep. Curled up on the passenger seat with one of her favorite blankets she looked very peaceful. With her nose snuggled into the blanket she would occasionally look up at me to check that I was still there. On occasions she would stand up with her front legs on the center arm rest to check out the views and give me a kiss. We would stop on occasions to look at the views and for Kunzite to stretch her legs. She even got the chance to meet several new dog friends as other kind people from the club had brought their dogs along with them.


We had a full fun day out but by mid afternoon I was getting the kind of look that said "Dad are we done yet" she looked very tired and very sweet. Now stretched out in the passenger foot well she was sleeping soundly and not even bothered by the bumps of the rough roads.


Everyone that met Kunzite that day thought that she was the sweetest and most adorable puppy that they had ever seen. Like the proud foster Dad that I am I have to agree!


Next on my list of places to take her is to the Grand Canyon and I’d love to get her in the water, I think she’d love it!