As much as Kunzite likes the snow, spring is finally in the air – we hope anyway! We definitely get some snow here, and Kunzie loves it, but nothing compares to the snow at Mammoth. I should have just hitched Kunzite up to a sled to pull us instead of stepping thigh-deep into some of that snow! She barreled through it all like butter and kept looking back to make sure I was still on the trail and see what was taking me so long! I really think she could be part sled dog!



Snow behind us, the warmer weather has all us spending more time outdoors, and with Ashlyn’s help, Kunzite has discovered something other than puddles and sprinklers to go crazy over – BUBBLES! Kunzie loves to chase down those bubbles, jumping and circling and biting to pop as many of them as she can. I love hearing Ashlyn giggle as they play somewhat together.


Kunzite and Lizzy were both in for vet check ups in December. Kunzite’s check up included x-rays of her chest and the left back leg she broke when she was just a pup. The x-rays of her leg showed a very well healed tibia fracture with no signs of arthritis. This is good news being Kunzite has a tendency to favor this leg and it looks kind of outwardly rotated when she runs. Maybe this was to get my sympathy vote! When Kunzie had chest x-rays last year, there was some question about scar tissue in her lungs being an ongoing issue or a residual effect from something she fought off as a puppy. So, the best news of all was that her chest x-rays mirrored those taken the previous year! No additional scarring in her lungs and her heart is just the size it is supposed to be! And to think when we adopted this sweet Kunzie Monkey 4 years ago, we had no idea what her life span would be, or how the parvovirus would affect her.



We are currently a household in training with an animal trainer/behaviorist. Apparently, we humans are no longer the dominant ones in the family and this is leading to some "issues." Slow but sure we are on our way to taking back the reigns for the safety of the littlest member of our family who loves her doggies dearly. Maybe there will be a day when Kunzite will welcome Ashlyn into her kennel with her, be patient while Ashlyn sits on top of her reading books and want to share her food bowl with her - or maybe not. We could be dreaming of kid friendly dog breeds that we don’t have!



As cuddly and adorable as Kunzite is, she isn’t perfect, nor are her canine siblings, Jasper and Lizzy. None of us are – human, canine, feline or feather. Kunzite, along with her canine and human family, has some things to work out that we dog parents may have fostered along the way by not recognizing their detriment. But as "imperfect" as Kunzie may be, I do believe she is PERFECT for us and we love her more and more with each passing year. Bottom line is, we are family and we’ll grow old together working it out because that’s what families do.


Hope you all have a wonderful summer, and I hope to be sharing news of successful training later in the year!