July update

Where do I start this month... Kunzite continues to grow into one beautiful and lovable girl. She's cute and she know's it! Kunzie has a wonderful and loving personality. She is every dog in the neighborhood's best friend. Whenever we are sitting at the computer or on the couch, we are greeted by Kunzite throwing her front paws across our legs and nosing her way up to our faces. If you happen to lay on the floor you'd better be ready for an all out Kunzie attack! We are awakened each morning to her the sound of her paws on the edge of the bed and the sight of her happy little face. There never seems to be a time when she's not happy.


Kunzie has gotten alot stronger in the past month as well as gaining a few pounds. She now weighs in at about 33 lbs and is about as big as Lizzy. She is able to jump in and out of the car and on and off the bed with ease. I think she's so happy with herself that she just can't stop jumping on the bed. She must be on and off there about 50 times a day!! It's the first thing she does when she comes bolting into the bedroom much to the dismay of Patton, our cat! She still comes in last when the dogs race in the desert, but she's getting faster. Miles says they are doing the "Thunderbird Split" when they race. Jasper goes left, Lizzy right and Kunzie stays right down the middle! It's fun to watch. Everyone in the neighborhood has heard about or seen the racing dogs!


I guess the big news for this month would be that Jasper is finally starting to come around and warm up to Kunzite, but only when he wants to! I caught them playing outside together a couple of times, but as soon as Jasper would see me, he'd stop as if to say, "I don't like this new dog, really." I was able to sneak up on them in the office one day and get a picture of the 2 of them wrestling around. Just the other nite, all 3 of them were wrestling together in the office and tonite the 3 were all tugging on one rope! I just wasn't fast enough with the camera for that one. There's never really any quiet time in the evenings before bed. Except for maybe mealtime!


The water continues to provide Kunzite with pure joy wheter it's the sprinklers in the backyard or the beach. She even loves ice cubes! If you are getting ice, you are sure to find Kunzite behind you waiting for hers. We spent this 4th of July at the beach where Miles actually had Kunzie doing some swimming. She looks like a natural! The beach is never a time for laying around in the sun with three border collies. Frisbees were exchanged for tennis balls, then footballs and back to the frisbees. We wouldn't have it any other way!


When I think about how much joy and fun Kunzite brings to everyday, I can never thank Danielle & Ross and everyone at Best Friends enough. Not only for bringing Kunzite into our lives, but for all the things they do everyday to make the world a much brighter place for all of us to co-exist.


Hope this finds everyone well and enjoying all the wonderful things that summer brings!


The Middleton Pack