Kunzie monster!

Well, this little girl just seems to get cuter & smarter everyday! Although, we have decided that she may have a split personality. One minute she is the sweet, demure, gentle Kunzite, who lies on her bed and chews on her toys. Then, all of a sudden, out comes the Kunzie Monster!! Stealing pee pads and running through the house, grabbing the remote control off of the coffee table, staring at you & barking uncontrollably "PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!" And then, when you pick her up to try to calm her down, this scary noise comes out of her (I truly believe one day her head will spin around) and she thrashes for a few seconds. Then suddenly, peace returns and she looks at you and gives you her "Why are you looking at me like that?" face, all innocent & sweet once again. She is really quite a character and a typical puppy as well.


Ross & I decided that she was getting a little stinky, so she had her first official bath over the weekend. She was actually quite good for a puppy, but wasn’t all that pleased about the process. She had this pathetic look on her face the whole time, but didn’t try to escape the bath tub once! Her favorite part of bath time was definitely the drying off process. Who wouldn’t like running around and shaking water on to the people who were responsible for getting you wet in the first place! Plus, dry off time means towels and towels are so fun to run around with in your mouth (even if you do trip yourself up now and then).


Kunzite received her second vaccination earlier this week and has now been cleared by the vets to meet and play with other dogs and start in our puppy socialization class!! Puppy class is a great opportunity for our puppies here at Best Friends to start meeting people and learning basic commands. Don Bain, who is a volunteer coordinator in Dog town, took on the daunting task of puppy class and does a truly amazing job with our little friends!! Kunzite can also start coming to the office with me, which I am really excited about. (She’s in desperate need of some playtime, I think she’s been kind of bored all by herself). Also, because she was an orphan and she was so young when her siblings passed, she really needs to learn some doggie manners. But mostly, I’m happy that she can now get out into the world and start meeting new friends, dogs and people!!