Living to the fullest

Kunzie helps out with the laundry. Watch the video!


Kunzite has been having the time of her life lately!! She has been coming to the office with me, where she gets to play with all of her new friends (she especially loves Wiggles!) Don has been working with her in puppy class as well. It appears that this brave little girl turns into quite a shy pup when her foster mom is not around. We have had so many volunteers over the past week, so it’s been really great for her to meet all kinds of different people.


Now that Kunzite has had enough vaccines, I have really been trying to expose her to as much as possible. We’ve been going on nice, long walks, she’s met a whole bunch of different dogs and she’s gone on some jeep expeditions as well.


We’ve also been working on housetraining, now that she can actually go outside. Since she was already trained on the pee pads, the hardest part was teaching her that she now had to go outside to do her business. Thanks to Dara’s advice and a lot of consistency and praise, Kunzie has been doing really well. She rarely has an accident in the house and uses the doggy door like a pro. I have been keeping a pee pad in the house, just in case, but I think we are just about ready to remove the pee pads completely!


When I first took over Kunzie’s foster care, there was a part of me that wanted to shelter her and protect her. I wasn’t sure if letting her run around was the right thing to do, since we were still uncertain about the effects of the Parvo on her heart. But, I’ve come to realize that it would really be a huge mistake to baby her and treat her as if she was a fragile porcelain doll. After all, she doesn’t know that there is anything potentially wrong with her. So, I’ve had to let a lot of my "nervous foster mom" worries go and just let her be a puppy. It has been so wonderful to see her romp around our office with her friends and she loves to go on walks and chase after her foster sister. Now, I’m not going to pretend that I don’t worry about her anymore, believe me, I do. But, I feel it is much more important for her to fully enjoy the life she has been given. Her wagging tail and smiling face is the greatest reward I could ever receive.