New foster family

When Danielle said that we were going to be fostering another puppy I had mixed emotions. Only because I had watched and somewhat helped Danielle with the puppies that she had been taking care of and lost so suddenly. The time, love and dedication that Danielle had given to the little pups was unbelievable to say the least.


Now that we were going to foster one of the pups siblings I was unsure how this would effect our emotions. When I opened the door to see Kunzite playing with Danielle I knew that it was the right thing to do. I could tell that Danielle was so happy to take care of little Kunzie and the spirit of her siblings lives on with her. Kunzite was a little shy of me at first but that only lasted about an hour before she was all over me.


Now, until Kunzite finds her forever home she is a part of our lives, day and night, oh, even through the night! Dara has done an amazing job with her training. Kunzite uses her training pads to go potty and sits patiently for her food and I now have her giving a paw, as well as being very smart she is so darn cute. Playing with all of her toys that we have for her and running around our living room Kunzite loves life to the full. When I come home I’m greeted with her wagging tail, eager to give me kisses and puppy licks.


To let her see that the world is bigger than just our living room we took Kunzite for a drive on our day off. It’s good to let puppies experience different noises and sights as young as you can. Kunzite was a bit unsure of her trip at first but it didn’t take long before she settled and started to take in this great big world.


Happy to be back at home and settling in playing with her favorite toys I only have one emotion for her. I love her to bits, I’m so happy that we’re fostering little Kunzie and watching her grow.