One year strong

All grown up! Take a look back at Kunzite's amazing journey over the past year.


Hard to believe one year has passed by since Kunzite found her way into our hearts. April 21st marked her official adoption into our family. It was when I was looking for a cat for my sister (who now has Pixie!) that I first spotted Kunzite on the Guardian Angel website. I must have read those journal entries a hundred times, night after night. My husband, Miles, figured I had them all memorized. I just couldn’t get that sweet little girl out of my head. All it took for me to fill out the adoption application was Miles saying, "If we adopt this dog, I get to buy an airplane!" The application was as good as sent and the rest is history! Here’s a little year in review on how our little Kunzie has grown up.


Kunzite came to us with a little maroon blanket that she pretended to nurse on. I’m not sure if this has to do with her being a bottle baby or not, but she sure hasn’t outgrown it. That little maroon blanket has seen some wear and tear, and Kunzie has graduated to a much bigger one, but every morning and every night she still gets her blanket to nurse on. She’s curled up with it right now as a matter of fact. She still loves the sprinklers, ice cubes and the beach. We’ve run several tests on the sprinklers this spring to make sure they are working properly. Kunzite is a great inspector! She still likes to chew on things, but has moved up from shoes to windowsills now that she has gotten taller! It’s getting to be an expensive habit! The crate is back for long days at home unsupervised during the week. Good thing she likes her crate and is very protective if any of the other dogs go anywhere near it!


She still has her fascination with our cat, Patton, and tries to help him get his running and jumping exercise at least once a day. She’s quite a vocalist as well, likes to bark, and talk. When we adopted her Ross and Danielle sent what they call a "crazy ball" with her. It’s a hard plastic red ball inside a hard plastic yellow ball, so it’s noisy when rolled around. But, that’s not the noisiest part. It’s the loud growling, snarling, barking noise Kunzite makes whenever she plays with it!!


Recently Kunzite has started to take a big interest in playing Frisbee. She still needs a little work on returning it to me, but is getting so much better! Primarily she just likes to keep things from Lizzy. It drives Lizzy crazy, but she won’t take balls or Frisbees away from Kunzite. We have recently enrolled Kunzite in obedience classes and she is the most well behaved dog there. Must be her early training at Best Friends!! However, when she is with Jasper and Lizzy, her "sit-stay" is not so good. She remains sitting, but keeps gradually scooting and wiggling her butt further and further forward ahead of the other 2 dogs. It’s quite funny, but I try not to encourage her by laughing! She also has her own plan for when she should "come" when called, depending on what there is to check out or sniff at along the way back. Eventually she ends up by my side. I guess she just really doesn’t want to miss out on anything.


Kunzite loves to cuddle and be cuddled and has decided that while her daddy is gone, she should take over his spot on the bed. I wake up most mornings with her lying right next to me, her little head on my pillow. She also likes to curl up on my lap to watch American Idol. Well, I guess maybe she’s only listening, cause her eyes are usually closed during the show! If I am spending too much time on the computer, she gently works her way up into my lap and puts her paws up on my shoulders so she can see eye to eye with me to tell me it’s her turn for attention. I’m sure her dad will really enjoy this when he gets home next month!


This past year we’ve changed addresses and dog food, replaced chewed dog beds and shoes and repaired broken bones and woodwork. Through it all we have been blessed by having the most wonderful, loving dog any one could ever ask for, which by far, makes up for all of those lost shoes and dog beds. And now, I have saved the very best news of the past year for last. After Christmas, Kunzite had chest x-rays and an ECG, electrocardiogram. After reviewing the results, the vet found no reason that Kunzite should need to continue on any type of heart medication!!! Everything was normal!!!! This past weekend I was looking back at journals, photos and reading e-mails that were exchanged during the adoption process, (yes, I saved them all!) It’s so hard to believe that we were adopting Kunzie one year ago with the knowledge that she may only have a few months to share with us. When I look at her now, she is the epitome of life and I can’t ever imagine mine without her. Oh, and by the way, we still don’t have an airplane!!


Happy Spring!



Pam & Kunzite