Kunzite's adventures have taken her down some unusual avenues in recent weeks. As you can see by the photos she is splinted from hip to tip of her furry little paw. We are unsure if she got tripped up in the garden hose or if she was up to her usual antics of jumping around like crazy. Whatever the cause, she sustained a spiral fracture to her rear left tibia and found her next adventure taking her to the Emergency Vet a few Saturday's ago. We followed up with our regular vet that Monday and because of her heart condition and young age, he decided that she had a good chance of healing without surgery and that splinting would be our best option at this point. Every Friday we head back to the vet to get a new splint, usually in a bright new neon color. First orange, then pink for Mother's Day and now purple! They tell us they coat the outside of the splint in "bitters" to discourage the chewing, but by the end of the week that splint is barely hanging on. Miles even tied a rag onto it to give her something else to chew on! Our veterinarian will take follow up X-rays in a couple of weeks to make sure the fracture is healing properly; otherwise, she was given a good report today.


Has this slowed our little Kunzie Monster down, you ask? Not a whole lot! The day after she had the fracture, Miles was getting Jasper and Lizzy ready for a walk and Kunzite walked over with a pleading look in her eyes. He was going to carry her on the walk, when our neighbor offered him their wagon. So away they went, with Kunzite taking it all in from her little red wagon. I wish we would have gotten a picture of that one! Kunzite moved a bit slow for the first week and would walk/hobble for part of the walk and come to be carried when she was tired. Now she is walking on her own for the entire walk and starting to put more weight on her left leg. Not with every step, but about every three.


Jasper still isn't sure how much he likes his new sister and continues to be cautious around her. She's really let him have it a few times. As you can tell by the pictures, Lizzy and Kunzite have bonded as sisters and never turn down a good game of tug of war or soccer.


Each morning I wake up to Kunzie's furry little face and wet tongue, so happy that it's finally morning and waiting for the next fun thing that we are going to do together. With that, who really needs an alarm clock!


All our best and Kunzie's wet kisses,



The Middleton's