Perfect fit

Adopted! Watch a slideshow of photos taken by Kunzite's family.


Our first week with Kunzie has been so much fun! Despite the pair of flip flops Kunzite customized for each of us! Guess we are not quite used to all the chewing once again! You'd think that toy box full of squeakers, ropes and balls would be enough to keep her busy, but Kunzie seems to have a craving for the things that she really shouldn't have. Then let the chase begin!


Kunzie has become quite a water dog this week. Everytime the sprinkler or hose is turned on, she is right there biting her way through the water. It's absolutely hilarious! If the water is on, Kunzite is wet! We also took our first trip to the Beach this past weekend. Kunzite loved it! Lots of frisbee, running and new dogs to play with.


She is very good at supervising household tasks like chasing the broom, barking at the dustbuster and vacuum and making sure I blow dry my hair just right. She's even pitched in with keeping up the yard by chewing up all the sticks and eating the grass.


We have been taking lots of walks out in the desert where Kunzite is learning to "heel" and "stay" along with running like crazy through the desert with Jasper and Lizzy. She loves to chase and chew the frisbee, but hasn't quite got the hang of the catch and return.


We are so happy and fortunate to have Kunzite as part of our four-legged family and couldn't thank you all at Best Friends enough for caring for her and bringing us together!


All our Best,



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