After spending three short, very short, days at Best Friends, it wasn’t hard to come up with a title for Kunzite’s fall entry. Let me share with you the magic of why. We arrived at Angel Canyon on a Monday morning in late September full of anticipation and excitement as we awaited the arrival of Kunzite’s foster parents, Danielle and Ross, for a reunion at Dog Headquarters. It was a beautiful morning filled with sunshine and the crispness of fall. I don’t know how any morning at Angel Canyon could be anything but beautiful.


After a few minutes of sniffing around the parking lot with her new buddy, Carson (another Best Friends puppy adopted by our close friends, Mary and Jason) Danielle arrived with her dog, Ellie May. Kunzite, the dog lover she is, was so distracted with Ellie that it took her a minute to realize the identity of this important lady before her. Then it was all out kisses and jumping for joy!


After a little parking lot reunion, we went up to the clinic where Kunzie was greeted by clinic employees and continued her happy little dance. She was starting to get the hang of this reunion stuff! Ross needed no introduction when he entered the clinic to find Kunzite waggling around happily in the lobby. It was an all out Kunzie attack!! It brought tears to my eyes to see how much she remembered and loved them and how much they loved her right back. It was amazing how much she recalled about her daily routine while she lived with Ross and Danielle. Their home was her home and apparently still is. A part of her heart remains with them and always will. We know that wherever our future takes us, Best Friends and Ross and Danielle will always be a part of it. They will always be home to Kunzite in our hearts. Thank you Danielle and Ross, for all that you’ve done and continue to do and simply for just being the truly wonderful people you are. We are all so lucky to be blessed with you both.


The Middleton Pack