Road Trip!

Kunzite has been having a busy summer with lots of traveling. She doesn’t really like the start of these trips and won’t get into the car without a lot of coaxing and sometimes a little assistance, but once we are on the road she gladly jumps in to head on to the next destination. Our summer began in May with Miles returning home after 4 ½ months away. We were all very happy to have him back. To celebrate we loaded up the Subaru and headed north towards Mendocino. We found an awesome pet friendly bed and breakfast, The Inn at Schoolhouse Creek in Little River just off the PCH. It was compete with dog treats, toys, bowls, blankets for cuddling on the bed and a huge exercise meadow for playing and meeting other dogs and their parents. I think this was their favorite thing. Check out this website and see if you recognize anyone. There was also dog friendly Mendocino Botanical Gardens, a beautiful place with a path that takes you right out to the cliffs above the ocean. Kunzite’s thing really isn’t flowers, it’s water, so I’m not sure if she enjoyed the gardens as much as the rest of us.


In July it was road trip time! We loaded the Subaru once again and headed for North Dakota, a much longer trip, 24 hours total. Kunzite got to meet all the family and even hooked up with Cousin Pixie for a photo shoot. Pixie was less than thrilled to sit for the photo so there was only one pose to choose from. She is doing quite well and really sees much more than you would think. Sharon says their favorite place is perched in front of the windows to watch the birds.


After spending some family time in ND, we headed out for more in Minnesota. Okay, so we all knew Kunzite loved water, but there was a new discovery involved in our trip to the lake. Kunzie loves to swim! She’d jump into the water off the dock and just start swimming! Not just a little paddle around either. She’d swim for 10 minutes or more interrupting her rhythmic stroke occasionally to make a splash with both front paws so she could bite at the water. Lots of Frisbee playing as usual and their first pontoon ride around the lake, which ended with all of them falling asleep. (That’s what usually happens to me, too!)


Then it was back to Cali again. Our next big adventure will come in September when we head back to Best Friends. We also have a temporary addition to our family. We are fostering a desert tortoise named, Gulliver for the next year or so while his family is out of state. Kunzite is very intrigued by Gulliver and doesn’t let him out of her site during his outside time. After he goes back to his enclosure, she obsesses for a half hour or so, wanting me to bring him back out. Gulliver doesn’t seem threatened by her, but sometimes, I think she may want to hold him in her mouth, so I keep a close eye on them.


Hope everyone is having a great summer and we look forward to catching up with some of you in November.


All our Best



The Middleton’s