Summer recap

Hello all! Just thought I’d better write an update to let you know that Kunzite isn’t completely neglected and ignored since we had Ashlyn! I can’t believe it has been so long since I’ve written anything. I have been thinking about if for a while, but we haven’t been doing anything too exciting this summer to report on. We’ve been busy this summer but not the kind of busy we would like to be. Instead of trips to the beach and various other dog friendly things, we have been remodeling. Aaaaghh! Kunzite has not mimicked her GA friend Tuffy in eating any appliances, so we consider ourselves lucky so far!


In May we did get a chance to take our annual dog family vacation and headed south to Descanso. We stayed at an old farmhouse in the hills that had over 20 acres of private trails for us to run wild on. So, twice a day that’s just what we did. Great not to have to worry about leashes or anything else and just run!



Other than that trip, we have been staying close to home. Kunzite has discovered a new love in hanging around with Ashlyn this summer. Bubbles! Loves to bark, chase and bite them! We do not reserve this for outdoors. It is often a bribe for bath time – another favorite thing for Kunzite, at least when she’s not the one getting the bath!


With our yard being nearly two acres, we have plenty of space for playing ball and Frisbee. As much as Kunzite appears to be a ball hog, this really isn’t her thing. She’d much rather be playing Frisbee. But if Lizzy is around, keeping the ball from her can be much more fun.



I have witnessed Ashlyn’s first dog nip as of this morning. Well, I was in the same room anyway. Amazing it took 18 months to happen. Ashlyn likes to pretend to take things out of the dog’s hair and then hand them to me. From the little black and white hairs in her fist, I believe this is what she was doing when Kunzite decided to nip her face- just a scratch, a few tears and lots of making up to do afterward. Kunzite tends to be a bit jealous of Ashlyn and likes to barge in between us and sit in my lap or herd Ashlyn away from me! Oh, the fun! I guess I will have to keep a closer eye on the interactions between the two of them from now on.


So, despite the busy household, Kunzite is still getting plenty of love and attention. She is my lap dog after all and there is no lying or sitting around on the floor without being fully engaged in cuddles with Kunzie.


Hope everyone had a wonderful summer!