Top ten

Happy 3rd Birthday, Kunzite! She was happy to celebrate by opening pressies with Jasper and Lizzy, but not quite willing to share her new skunk toy. Not sure where she has it hidden away for the night! We are so happy to report another happy healthy year in Kunzie’s life. It has been a bit less adventuresome since the arrival of Ashlyn, aside from a few hikes in the Sierra foothills and our daily walks. So, with less adventures to report I decided on a different type of update. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed thinking about all of the things that are so great about our Kunzie.


Ten Things about Kunzite:


1. Best Bed Warmer. Making sure to keep us warm by sleeping between us each night. Kunzie sneaks up by our feet shortly after we go to bed. When she thinks we are sound asleep she belly crawls her way up to the head of the bed placing her head on my pillow and rolling onto her back, paws in the air. She’s not fooling anyone! I am thinking a king size bed would be very comfy these days!


2. Loves Water! Charging through the sprinklers, swimming in the lake making her own splashes to chase and supervising all showers and baths at our house are just a few of her favorite water activities. Her favorite is supervising Ashlyn in the tub. I guess Ashlyn makes the most splashes, a girl after Kunzite’s own heart!



3. Nurses her Blankie. I’m not sure if this has something to do with her being a bottle baby or not, but Kunzite bunches up her blanket in her mouth, holding onto it with her paws and "nurses." She does this several times a day and is always super happy to get a clean warm blankie from the dryer.


4. Lap Dog. Kunzite loves to sit in my lap when I’m in the recliner, sitting on the floor or at the computer as she has just reminded me! At 45 pounds she’s a bit big for a lap dog, but I love it!


5. Super Soft Coat. Kunzite has never outgrown the softness of her puppy coat. She is just one big ball of soft and furry cuddles!



6. Taunts Lizzy. Kunzite likes to aggravate Lizzy when we are playing ball by taking the ball and running away with it to the other side of the house. Not that we don’t have about 10 more somewhere in the yard, but Lizzy won’t go find another! Kunzie just lays in the yard, the ball dropped on the ground in front of her with a big silly doggy grin on her face.


7. Loves the snow! We do manage to get a bit of snow up here this time of year and just had our first snowfall December 7th. Jasper and Lizzy were a bit tentative about going outside, but not Kunzite. She barreled out the door full speed racing through the powdery snow and kicking it up with her nose.


8. Dislikes UPS. Or any other delivery person. I am not so proud of this one, but it’s Kunzite. Can’t get her to stop barking at the poor man! He even brings treats! Jasper is the first one up the driveway to greet him while Lizzy runs around the yard looking for her ball to get him to play. I guess Kunzie is our protector.


9. Loves sharing Ashlyn’s meals. Kunzite is an avid Ashlyn watcher when it comes to mealtimes and most often is lucky enough to get handed over a few bites of whatever is on the menu.


10. The best thing about Kunzite is that she is ours. Crazy, beautiful, cuddly and loved very much.



We wish you a very blessed and safe holiday season!