Ups and downs

Kunzite shows off. Watch her perform her best tricks to date!


There have been a lot of emotional ups and downs this week. Earlier last week, Kunzite’s last remaining sibling, Ellie Mae, was brought into the clinic because her breathing had become quite rapid. She was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and was put on medication to try to help her. Sadly, after returning from my trip, I learned that little Ellie Mae had passed away on Sunday. Phyllis & Terry, her adoptive parents, truly gave her the best life. She was cared for and loved and I know they will miss her more than words can say.


The hardest part about caring for these little ones is that as soon as you start to let your guard down and think they’ll be okay, that is when things start to go wrong. As soon as I heard about Ellie Mae, my heart sank. On top of mourning the loss of this sweet pup, I began to worry about Kunzite. Would the same thing happen? Was there anyway to prevent it? After the initial panic that set in, I had to remind myself that I knew this was a possibility all along. After talking with the clinic staff, it was decided that Kunzite should have X-rays taken, just to see what, if anything, was going on with her heart & other vital organs.


We had to wait for her appointment and it felt like a very long three days. But, Kunzite didn’t know anything was potentially amiss, so we went about our lives as usual. Kunzite came to work, went to puppy class and played with the usual suspects in the office (which we now refer to as "Puppy Daycare").


On Wednesday, she had her visit to the clinic. Dr. Tara examined her and said that her heart rate sounded really good. Kunzite then kept a very close eye on Dr. Tara as she came to the realization that Dr. Tara had treats! (Nothing can hold Kunzite’s attention like food!) They then took X-rays, which they told me she was very good for. I was very relieved to hear that so far, Kunzite’s heart & lungs seem to be okay. Of course, there was a little concern about her heart being slightly enlarged, but all we can do is keep an eye on her, give her some medication and hope for the best!


Dr. Mike promises to provide a medical perspective on Kunzite for next week.


Don tells me that she is making more & more progress everyday in puppy class. She seems to charm the pants off of all the volunteers that she meets, which, knowing Kunzite, is not surprising. Whenever she meets someone new, she does this little body wiggle as she crouches down to approach them. Within seconds, she is up giving them her wonderful puppy kisses. Everyone, jokingly, tells me I really should try to get her a little more social.


Kunzie has been showing some mischievous puppy behavior. I had to attend a meeting the other day and decided I would leave her out to play with her friends while I was away from the office. I usually crate her when I leave the office, but her friends had all just arrived for the morning and I thought that they would all keep each other occupied. Well, I was wrong about that! When I walked into the office, it looked as though the entire garbage can had been emptied on to the floor. Kunzite was chewing on a memo, Wiggles had an empty container of yogurt and Nisha was working on a Post-it note (fortunately, Kristi & I are pretty careful about what we throw in there). The curious thing was that the garbage was still standing completely upright. I stood there for awhile, trying to figure out how they had managed such a feat. Shaking my head, I started to clean up the bits of paper that were scattered on the floor. As I was throwing it all back into the garbage, Little Miss Kunzie jumped up with all four feet on to a Rubbermaid container that was sitting closely to the garbage can and stuck her whole head in to retrieve what I had just thrown away. Mystery solved and lesson learned!