The very best ending

Well, the time has finally come for Kunzite to go to her very own home!! There have been quite a few applications for Kunzite and finding just the right one was not an easy task. However, as I was reading over Pamela & Miles Middleton’s application, I was immediately struck by one of the very first sentences they wrote:



"We want the chance to give her a good home regardless of how long or short her life may be."


Wow, not only did their application look great, but they both seemed to totally and completely understand Kunzite’s condition. When I spoke to Pam on the phone, she said their main concern was that they would have to keep Kunzite’s activity limited. I assured her that was exactly what we did not want for Kunzite; we have always agreed that she should live a normal, active life. Pam was very relieved to hear that, since her and her family (Miles and two Border Collies) were very active and enjoyed hiking and playing fun dog games like fetch and Frisbee.


So, Pamela and Miles loaded up their car with their two Border Collies, Jasper & Lizzy, and headed off to Best Friends. They arrived on a Saturday morning and we all went into Tara’s Run, so that everyone could be properly introduced. I can honestly say that within just minutes of meeting the Middleton family, Ross & I knew that this was the right family for Kunzite. Pamela & Miles were so sweet and gentle with all three of the dogs and Jasper and Lizzy seemed to accept Kunzite right away. Within minutes the three of them were running after tennis balls and Kunzie was doing her super cute play bow for Jasper & Lizzy. The four humans stood around talking and getting to know each other while the new family of dogs; Jasper, Lizzy and Kunzite did the same. There are times in life when something just feels right, and this was definitely one of those times.


So, with tears in our eyes, we helped load all of Kunzie’s belongings into Miles & Pam’s car and said our final goodbyes. As they drove away, I realized that this was the happiest ending that I could have ever hoped for.


Pam & Miles promise to send us updates & pictures, and they have already kept their word. Just three days after Kunzite left, we received an email with 92 pictures of their first weekend with Kunzite! Don’t worry; we’ll be sharing some of them with you.


Ross & I will really miss having Kunzite in our lives. She brought us so much joy & laughter and we loved watching her grow and change over the last few months. And knowing that she is with such a wonderful family, made saying goodbye so much easier.