Vet visit

Watch a slideshow of photos from Kunzite's medical exam.


About a month ago, Kunzie came in after her last remaining sibling had died of heart failure for a check up. On physical exam, Kunzie appeared to be doing very well - her heart sounded good, her heart rate was normal, and her breathing was fine.


We took chest x-rays to assess the size of her heart and to look for evidence of pulmonary edema (fluid buildup in the lungs secondary to heart failure). Her lungs looked clear and her heart was only mildly enlarged. Dr. Tara did the appointment and x-ray and everyone in the clinic thought that Kunzite was a great patient as well of course as being extremely cute.


Even though there were no clear signs of heart disease, I placed her on enalapril to make it easier for her heart to pump blood. I did this due to the mild enlargement of her heart and because of her sibling’s rapid demise. Basically as a safety precaution.


Now a month later, we have performed the same exam and x-rays again to see if any changes have occurred. I am happy to report all of the results, including x-ray are the same. No change in this case is great news. Kunzite was once again, a very good patient.


We hope (along with everyone else) that her future will be bright. Regardless of the length of her life, although we hope it will be long, the quality of her life is excellent.