Birthday boy Sundance

I can't believe our little Sundance is a whole year old! It seems like it was just a few weeks ago that Danielle brought home this sad, screaming, pained baby kitten. He's come a long way! He still needs a few eyelashes plucked about once a month, but he is so incredibly patient while I do them — as long as he gets tasty treats after!.

Danielle and I threw a little birthday party for him, complete with a cat-friendly cupcake (flour, chicken and egg white). We even put a little "Birthday Boy" shirt on him. I won't lie and say he loved the shirt, but he tolerated it. He's such a sweet boy.

Sunny's become very independent, and while he doesn't spend every single night purring himself to sleep across my neck like he used to when he was hurting, it's still a regular occurrence, and I always treasure it when he does.

When Danielle brought him home, I had no idea I would end up adopting him, but I'm so glad I did! He always brings a little Sun to my cloudy days. Thank you so much to everybody who has followed his story. He is so loved.