A 10-year-old who weighs three pounds?

Victoria, who was in a hoarding situation with 17 other cats, was severely underweight. The shelter that took them all in reached out to Best Friends for with testing for disease. It turned out that some of the cats were so ill that it made sense for them to come back to Best Friends for extra healing.

Victoria was one of those. The poor thing was so malnourished and had an uncomfortable discharge coming from her eyes.

Victoria didn’t come alone to Best Friends because among the other arriving special-needs cats was her best buddy, Sean, with whom she loves to snuggle. They spent their first week hiding together in a cubby hole. But then they emerged to look around at the beautiful cottages they’ll be living in here at Best Friends while Victoria regains her health.

She’s a little nervous still, but getting braver every day. And with balanced meals and whole healthcare, hope may be just around the corner for little Victoria.

Guardian Angels, please embrace her in a warm welcome.

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