Walter waltzes through surgery.

As has been the case for everything, Walter sailed through his amputation with very little trouble and almost zero down time. I visited him about 48 hours after they removed that useless front leg, and he was just as mobile as before. The clinic thought they were going to keep him for about a week, but Walter said “lemme out of here” and was back at admissions a few days early. He is just too busy to be stuck in the hospital.

So I went back to see him at admissions and he was absolutely fantastic. I brought a colleague (or two) along to meet him, and he charmed their socks off. Walter will be staying off the sand for a bit longer. He is sporting a T-shirt to help keep his staples protected, and he's enjoying all the extra attention that comes along with being a wonder dog.

Melissa and her fellow caregivers at admissions will be glad when his sand restriction is removed. Walter needs to kick up his heels and play in the play yard to burn off some of his silly puppy energy. In the meantime, short walks and human playmates are keeping him physically and mentally healthy and happy.