Where there is a will, there is a Walter.

**Door Dasher**

Please use caution!

I had to read the note a couple times. I could understand the words just fine, but in trying to attach their meaning to the scruffy smiling three-legged, soon to be two- legged dog standing behind the glass door was not computing. I looked around to see if perhaps a caregiver had mistakenly put the note on Walter’s door, but I was on my own.

I turned the knob, the door cracked open and I squeezed in. No biggy. Walter greeted me enthusiastically. I really just wanted him to hold still or slow down cause I couldn’t figure out what I was seeing. Here was a three-legged dog, who only had use of two legs, whirling around me like a crazy muppet.

I was expecting something different — something slower, more cautious. Nope. I got Walter the wonder dog.

Wonder how this happened?

Wonder how he is actually walking?

Wonder if he ever holds still?

Wonder how he pees?

Wonder about that door dashing thing?

In the same order as above:

Best guess is he was hit by car both times.

He has a front right leg and a back left leg. He is able to move and balance his weight between them. When he wants to hold still, he leans his hip against something sturdy (like a wall or a convenient human) or he sits.

Yes! But only when he’s sleeping or snuggling or shredding a toy (he loves unstuffing toys).

He puts his nose down to the ground and it gives him just enough stability to do his business in a mostly normal way.

He saves his dashing for when you try to leave. He is not a fan of goodbye. But he is a fan of “bet you can’t catch me.”

So join us on this journey with Walter. I’m certain that we’ll learn something new, have a laugh or two and hopefully be inspired by this never-quit, scruffy whirlwind.