Annie Oakley:

The wild return of Annie Oakley

After a year in a home, Annie Oakley returned to the Sanctuary. It was a rather eventful trip. There was an escape, multiple sightings, helpful neighbors, and two very determined caregivers racing down the highway from Kanab to Phoenix, determined to capture Annie and bring her home.

Let me back up a little.

Annie had been adopted by some very nice people who thought they could finish bringing her out of her shell and give her a happy home. Annie got pretty comfortable in their home and in their yard, but her bubble never grew beyond the borders of the yard. Then Annie started to growl at house guests. This change was not something Annie’s adopters were equipped to cope with, so they made the hard decision to arrange for her return.

Transport was arranged, but wily Annie escaped and was on the loose. Since Annie is so incredibly scared of the world, two of Annie's former caregivers grabbed some traps (humane dog-sized ones) and drove like crazy people to rescue her. Annie had bunkered down in a couple of backyards. Fortunately, those yards belonged to very understanding folks, and Annie's former caregivers were able to set the traps and when morning came, they had Annie.

Annie is back at Jeffrey’s with her pal Barry and has settled back into her old routines. Her caregivers are slowly reintroducing themselves and rebuilding their relationships with her. We'll check in with Annie from time to time, but rest assured she is safe and showing every indication that she is comfortable back among the familiar sights and sounds of Dogtown.


Photos by Molly Wald