Ears are a very important part of a bunny rabbit! But Cupid’s ears were in terrible pain.

He was up for sale, along with a number of other hoppers. But a kind person noticed that he looked miserable. His ears were red, hot and swollen. So she purchased him and he came to Best Friends for immediate medical care.

He’s a surprisingly friendly bunny, for someone who hasn’t yet had a loving home. He’s sure to make somebody a terrific pet someday.

But right now, those ears are a bit of an emergency. The pain has to be awful. In addition to being badly infected, tests showed that those ear canals were absolutely full of mites. So it must itch, too!

But the good news is he should be curable. Treating ear mites isn’t difficult – it just very much needs to be done! The more dangerous part is the infection. Has it gone on so long that there’s permanent damage to the inside of his ears? We really hope not. But no matter what, we’ll make sure he gets lots of loving and comfort as he has his treatments and recovers from the horrible way he’s been feeling for so long.

Guardian Angels, please welcome a very cute new member to our family – Cupid!

Smart bunny October 6, 2015

Cupid loves clicker training.

Returned June 15, 2015

After a house fire took his adoptive home, a smoky-smelling but healthy, Cupid returns to the Sanctuary.

Spooky October 30, 2013

With a trick up his sleeve, Cupid shows he’s into the Halloween spirit.

Bunny buddies September 27, 2013

Cupid and Daisy are now best of friends and loving their new home together.

Seeking BFF September 11, 2013

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Cupid is looking for a pal at Best Friends.

Special rabbit September 5, 2013

Cupid’s rescuers knew all along how extraordinary he was and now he’s family.

Adopted! August 19, 2013

Life has come full circle as Cupid is adopted by the family who originally rescued him.

Moving on up August 2, 2013

Now vertically mobile, Cupid has figured out how to check out the world beyond his pen.

Spotlight July 10, 2013

Cupid will be featured as the local Pet of the Week and may get a new girlfriend.

Cilantro clown June 26, 2013

According to Cupid, the fashionable color this season is green.

Legendary June 6, 2013

Is it a myth or could the growth on Cupid’s ear mean he’s part jackalope?

More mischief May 31, 2013

Cupid carries out his own version of “helping” when a volunteer cleans his run.

Black tie event May 17, 2013

Cupid steps out on the town to attend a big party at the Sanctuary.

Big adventure May 1, 2013

Cupid enjoys the St. George Pet Super Adoption and has to tell everyone all about it.

Troublemaker April 19, 2013

Cupid’s out of quarantine and into mischief around the rabbit runs.

Favorite holiday April 3, 2013

April 4 is National Carrot Day and this means good news for rabbits like Cupid.

Playing favorites March 27, 2013

Cupid is always looking for attention, and the bunny staff are happy to oblige.

Healing March 13, 2013

Cupid is doing a whole lot better thanks to the special care he has received.

Meet Cupid March 4, 2013

A severe ear mite infestation is causing a lot of discomfort for a sweet new arrival.