Fall Fiesta

Sweet whirlwind pitbull mix Fiesta loves the fall weatherI had a visit with Fiesta the other afternoon. Her summer was a little mixed. She had a few more achy days than anyone would like, but as usual, she took it in stride. She spotted me walking her way and, oh, she gave me a lecture through her fence. The little minx put on quite a show, making me believe that I was the only one who came to see her, and that she was starved for love. I sent Matt a quick picture and a note that I had visited with his girl, to which he promptly replied that he, too, had visited her that very same day. Bamboozled by a little red pocket pit bull mix. I should have known she was up to something.

Our gal will continue to get weekly laser treatments to help with some of her aches and pains, and oral medications, too. The cooler temperatures may help some as well, but because she can be so medically fragile (not to mention complicated), her caregivers are watching her closely to see what can help her string more good less achy days together.

I’m thinking that a ride to her favorite drive-through may be of medicinal value, but I’ll coordinate that trip with Matt. I don’t want her to have two therapeutic hamburgers in one day. She might explode!