Holly and Nick

"Our mommy didn't want us?"

It's a sad thing when it happens. These two piglets were rejected by their piggy mom. And now, they're having to be raised by humans, and somehow learn all the things a pig is supposed to know – from people with only two feet! (And very strange, small noses.)

For Holly and Nick, the separation happened naturally when their mom simply didn't want to look after them. But many, many pigs go through the exact same thing for unnatural reasons. They get taken away from their pig moms to be sold!

So Holly and Nick are representing a lot of piglets out there, struggling to grow up without a real piggy parent.

Pig moms actually teach their babies a lot of manners and critical habits. So piglets without a mom are a real handful! They don't know what to do or how to behave, and chasing them around is a full time job!

So little Nick and Holly have come to the Guardian Angel program, where the folks looking out for them may not have curly tails, but they definitely have love! And with a little luck and a lot of caring, Nick and Holly may someday be ready for a loving home – even if their person isn't a marathon runner! Welcome, Nick and Holly!

A sudden goodbye September 20, 2016

Nick passed away suddenly during the night.

Rooting and roaming October 1, 2015

Five acres give Nick and Holly plenty of room for fun.

Star student August 20, 2013

Holly is a natural with Parelli Natural Horsemanship training. Nick prefers the mudhole.

Growing up January 31, 2012

They've evolved from piglets to 250-pound pigs. They're online journey is ending to make room for a new face.

Ransacked January 23, 2012

A recent trip the Best Friends Welcome Center was more like a field day for the pig kids.

Fitting in January 3, 2012

A new caregiver discovers that falling in love with pigs is easier than she thought.

Cookie monster December 16, 2011

If Santa was watching lately, he might have decided not to place Holly and Nick on the same list this year.

Staying on task December 6, 2011

Holly and Nick continue to go along with the program, and are fun and easy to manage 95 percent of the time while out on walks!

Recruitment November 21, 2011

When Tim returns after being out of town, he enlists two volunteers upon fears of juvenile recidivism.

Trick-or-treat! November 4, 2011

The holiday spirit puts the pigkids to the test when trainer Tim decides to reintroduce some treats.

Leadership October 26, 2011

The pigkids have been behaving well lately for volunteers and walks have been a breeze.

Hoodlums October 18, 2011

Whether intentionally or not, the pigkids tend to live up to their nickname.

You break it October 4, 2011

Nick goes on a zero-tolerance outing, where any misbehavior would be immediately challenged.

Moment of truth September 26, 2011

Walking the pigkids on leash is a task only for the brave, or foolhardy!

Losing a friend September 16, 2011

It's with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Piggy Paradise caregiver and loyal friend, Brandi.

Volunteer vacation September 9, 2011

Visiting Best Friends not only helps the animals, but could end up changing your life!

Special helpers September 1, 2011

Nick welcomes visitors and is the center of attention at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Welcome Center!

It's pig week! August 22, 2011

If it's your first time hearing about these two pigkids, get ready for some fun. For everyone else, learn something new today!

Bad day August 11, 2011

Trainer Tim is always ready -- even when dealing with a 175+ pound pig throwing a tantrum.

Oink, a mouse! August 1, 2011

Nick's naughty behavior comes in handy for once and he indirectly saves a life.

Now is the time July 21, 2011

At 20 months old and pushing 170 lbs, it's imperative to control the pigkids' naughty behavior.

Bad behavior July 13, 2011

Holly's inner "diva" emerges with some not-so-nice consequences.

Festive July 5, 2011

The pigkids celebrate Independence Day with a fun, new look! Check out their photos.

Getting soaked June 17, 2011

The kids cool off from the heat of summer in their very own water park.

Brotherly love June 10, 2011

In 21st Century America, female pigs do have certain rights, and amongst them is the liberty to pursue happiness.

Pig-monkey June 3, 2011

Fear and panic are two words that come to mind when Nick goes missing one day recently.

Vacation May 26, 2011

The kids are taking a break from their training but Charm School is not too far off in the future.

Circus, Part 2 May 17, 2011

Tim discovers that it's hard to chase a speedy pig when you're laughing, and hard to laugh when you're embarrassed.

Pavlov's pigs May 10, 2011

The pigkids have learned that when they hear the meal-wagon coming, they must be patient.

Good, bad, ugly April 28, 2011

With the help of two interns, the normally Devious Duo were, at least temporarily, a Delightful Duo.

Round two April 19, 2011

An adventure-filled day ends with pigs jumping through hoops and zipping through tunnels.

Hogs and kisses April 11, 2011

Well-behaved pigkids instill a very important life-long love of animals in a young visitor.

Change of pace March 31, 2011

A cat caregiver helps out at Piggy Paradise and has her first encounter with the 'Devious Duo'.

The final straw March 24, 2011

Nick nips Holly, Holly is spooked and gets loose, Trainer Tim is on the run... you get the picture!

ESP March 14, 2011

Normally sibling rivalry prevails, but the pigkids work together when it suits their obnoxious objectives.

New tricks March 3, 2011

The pigkids star in their very own circus performance without a ringmaster. Watch video!

In control February 21, 2011

Resisting food-fueled urges has been tough for the pigkids, but they are finally showing progress.

Instincts February 7, 2011

a typical pig is convinced that his well-being is dependent on getting that treat as soon as possible.

Pigcasso January 28, 2011

Ms. Hollywood's work of art fetches one of the highest bids in a recent online auction to benefit the animals.

Treasures January 21, 2011

Rewarding a pig for good behavior is something that the team does not take lightly.

Behaving January 11, 2011

This week there's nothing really all that special to report, and this is a very good thing!

Party time December 23, 2010

The pigkids turn one! Watch a slideshow of photos from the celebration!

Mixed heritage December 16, 2010

Yvonne answers the question "just why type of breed are Holly and Nick?" And, the pigkids turn one!

Tough love December 8, 2010

The kids are learning that respect towards humans is expected, and so are a lot of other good behaviors!

Personal trainer November 29, 2010

It takes a village to raise a child and as one new volunteer learns, the same applies for pigkids.

Impressed November 19, 2010

Yvonne reflects on the pigkids' recent sleepover and why she couldn't stop worrying.

Lights out! November 4, 2010

The pigkids go on a sleepover and do really well, but they don't care too much for bedtime.

Funny game October 25, 2010

Holly has a new trick she likes to play on her brother Nick during feeding time.

Runaway, Part 2 October 12, 2010

Read the exciting and nail biting conclusion to the "Where is the world is Nick?" saga.

Runaway October 5, 2010

Holly, Nick, and Uncle Jack escape from their enclosure... but only two pigs come back.

VIP September 22, 2010

Nick attends the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Best Friends clinic addition.

Close call September 13, 2010

When Uncle Jack starts acting odd, Yvonne knows that something is just not right.

Mission complete August 27, 2010

Nick makes the Pig Department proud as the official animal ambassador for Piggy Paradise.

Field trip August 20, 2010

Nick represents Piggy Paradise at a recent All Staff meeting and he wants to see everything, all at once!

First day back August 9, 2010

Yvonne is off for a few weeks and wonders what affect her absence would have on Holly and Nick.

Kids are kids July 30, 2010

Do pigs go through the "terrible two's"? After spending a morning with Holly and Nick, the answer is...

A fun game July 20, 2010

Jack is not amused by Nick's latest antics. And, is there a budding romance in Piggy Paradise?

A handful! July 2, 2010

More silly pigkid antics.. plus, did you know pigs can jump? Watch the new video of Super Nick!

Picking a fight June 24, 2010

Brothers and sisters, even in Piggy Paradise, sometimes forget how to play nice.

Free at last June 16, 2010

Holly is fully recovered from her spay surgery but getting to this point was no picnic.

Recuperating June 7, 2010

Holly gets spayed and is spending her post-op recovery in a smaller "personal condo" while she heals.

Another move May 25, 2010

Holly and Nick couldn't care less about a change in their current routine. Kids will be kids!

Full of energy May 12, 2010

Holly and Nick can be a handful, but they sure love to go on walks. Watch new videos.

Friends April 30, 2010

Humans and pigs alike, everyone is drawn to Holly and Nick. Meet two of their (unlikely) buddies.

Musical pigs April 20, 2010

Sometimes you just have to laugh! Read a humorous story about Holly and her harness.

Patience April 9, 2010

Pigs can be stubborn when trying new things. Yvonne talks about the latest challenge.

New challenges April 1, 2010

Understanding pigs and having a lot of patience is very important for the benefit of both the pig and the person!

Fact vs. Fiction March 24, 2010

Holly and Nick, labeled as teacup potbelly mixes, are examples of how many breeders misrepresent the truth.

Many benefits March 16, 2010

Yvonne discusses the importance of neutering male pigs while Nick grumbles over the procedure.

Double trouble March 4, 2010

Meet Holly and Nick, two adorable (and naughty) piglets abandoned by their pig mom who need care and socialization.