Jeb Stuart:


Jeb continues to enthrall and amaze all his fans and visitors. When we get him out of the enclosure to meet people on the tour, he stands up very straight and tall, as if to say "Aren't I beautiful?" And we have to agree – he really is gorgeous.

His ongoing nebulizer treatments probably will continue for months, if not forever. Once this fungus gets a toehold in a bird's respiratory system, it can be notoriously hard to treat. Jeb is totally comfortable with the time he spends twice a day in the incubator receiving his treatments. He has toys to play with and a mirror in which he can admire himself. Each treatment takes about 15 minutes and Jeb knows exactly how long that is. After 15 minutes, on the dot, he starts tapping on the door of the incubator to let us know the time is up.