Jeb Stuart:

Big move

This is an exciting week for Jeb Stuart! He has finally completed his 45-day quarantine period and gets to move up to the main Parrot Garden building.

All incoming birds are required go through this isolation period while we get to know them and complete necessary medical and disease testing. Jeb's blood work came back great, so he has been cleared to join the other birds. While Jeb's medical treatments will continue, his condition is not contagious, so there is no reason he can't enjoy the noise and activity of the main Parrot Garden building. Jeb will probably live in the staff office where we can keep a little closer eye on him. He is such a social bird that this is going to be very exciting for him.

We also just received an even better piece of news for Jeb and his future happiness. His former mom's health has improved enough that she will be able to come from Georgia to visit him sometime in the next few weeks. At the Parrot Garden we encourage a continued relationship between loving humans and their birds whenever possible. Jeb will never be able to live with his person again, but that doesn't mean they can't spend time together as often as she can travel.