Jeb Stuart:


Every day we learn more about Jeb Stuart and his personality. He is a remarkably confident and happy Grey. That is a credit to his human family and the work they did to socialize him to many different people and situations. Greys can have a tendency to become one person birds, unless steps are taken to keep that from happening. In the wild African environment, greys travel in large flocks. In our homes people become the flock and a bird should be able to interact with each family member appropriately.

Jeb constantly surprises us with the things he says. Last week I brought my dog Turtle to work with me. When the two of us walked by Jeb's outdoor enclosure he gave a dog whistle and said, "Come here! Come here boy," and then whistled again. Later as we were walking back into the building he repeated the whole sequence again. I walked Turtle up to his cage and he became very happy and animated. Apparently he has had a good relationship with a dog sometime in his past.