Jeb Stuart:


We continue to do Jeb Stuart’s nebulizer treatments twice a day. He’s even begun to look forward to the experience. When he’s let out of his cage he goes, “Woooo,” clicks his beak and bobs his head up and down. To keep him entertained, we give him plenty of enrichment items in the incubator, like toys and paper towels to shred. However, that excitement is sometimes short-lived.

If he loses interest in the toys, he goes for the nebulizer tubing again. To avoid a repeat of when he destroyed his first nebulizer, I keep a close eye on him. If I see he’s getting bored, I’ll roll a little wiffle ball to distract him and he rolls it back. Then just like a timer, he knows when his 15 minutes is up and if someone’s not there, he’ll push the hose out or start knocking on the window.

Occasionally he gets some of the shredded paper towel stuck to his feet. I have to laugh, because the little trail looks just like when someone accidentally gets toilet paper stuck to their shoe after using the restroom. Silly Jeb.