Jeb Stuart:

Expert opinion

Dr. Margaret did visit the Sanctuary and helped us with lots of birds and bunnies, Jeb being one of them. She did an exam on him noting some congestion and respiratory change when excited. We also reviewed old radiographs of Jeb, as well as newer ones that we took a few weeks ago.

Dr. Margaret felt that there is a pretty large granuloma in his lung and air sacs on the right side. The good news is that she did appreciate that this granuloma was smaller, so our treatment is helping.

Our plan is to continue both the oral and the inhalant antifungal treatment and repeat radiographs again in about three months (now about two months since she visited almost a month ago).

She stated that often times birds with aspergillosis need to be on medicine for a very long time, years or even life long. The goal is to shrink the granuloma as much as possible and once there is no change in size, we wean down the treatment to the lowest effective dose to maintain the bird in clinical remission.