Jeb Stuart:

The great outdoors

Jeb Stuart is now among the general population at Parrot Garden. His cage is right next to other African grey parrots, and he seems to be enjoying the company. He is friendly and interactive with volunteers and interns.

One of his new favorite things is going out to the outside enclosures every morning. His mini-flight is located right by the door, so he gets to see a lot of visitors and volunteers. The fresh air is excellent for his medical condition. No matter how careful we are, enclosed indoor areas are hard on any parrot because there are many indoor pollutants that can damage their delicate respiratory systems. And for a bird like Jeb who is already medically compromised, these substances can be even worse.

Some of the common indoor pollutants that are dangerous for any birds include:

  • Anything that has a non-stick coating like Teflon. This isn't limited to cookware. Many small appliances, toaster ovens, irons, space heaters, etc., can contain polytetrafluorethylene, which is deadly to birds when inhaled.
  • Common disinfectants and cleaning products. Parrot Garden uses an accelerated hydrogen peroxide cleaner for just this reason.
  • People wearing perfume, after-shave, scented deodorants and hair spray
  • Common household repair substances, including paint, glue and other solvents
  • The smoke from burned foods
  • Melted plastic, which can happen when a laminator is used
  • Molds and fungal spores
  • Dander from other birds

We take great care to make sure that none of these irritating substances are used around any of our birds … but especially for birds like Jeb.