Jeb Stuart:

Honeymoon’s over

Nothing is new on the medical front for Jeb Stuart. His medications and nebulizer treatments remain the same. It will take months before we will know if his condition is improving enough to decrease his meds. However, he just keeps getting more social every day.

Parrots are a prey species and they are often extremely passive and quiet when they first get into a new situation. They pay attention to everything that is going on around them until they feel confident that they are in a safe place. In the parrot world this is known as the "honeymoon period.” Unscrupulous breeders sometimes take advantage of this phenomenon to convince people that they are buying an extremely calm and quiet bird. In fact, it is a bird who has gone still until he is sure the situation is safe.

Every day Jeb gets more and more chatty with us. Lately he's been telling us to "Come over here, let's talk" to women or "Come here, buddy" to men who are visiting. Of course we are always happy to encourage him. When the weather is nice, Jeb is in the very first outdoor enclosure, so that he can welcome visitors to the Parrot Garden.