Jeb Stuart:

Keeping busy

Jeb Stuart's mental health is every bit as important as his physical health. While Dr. Patti monitors his medical condition, which is stable, caregivers make sure to keep his mind occupied.

Parrots are so incredibly intelligent that it is really important to find ways to keep them busy and happy. One of the ways we do that is by providing toys and foraging opportunities. Foraging is a natural behavior. In the wild a bird spends a lot of time looking for food. In captivity we hand it to them in a bowl, taking away one of their favorite pastimes. By hiding food and treats in toys or around the cage, we create an easy, fun way for birds to practice their foraging skills.

We just received a wonderful donation of stainless steel baffle cages. These metal cages can be filled with toys and treats to keep a bird occupied for hours. The first time a bird is presented with a new foraging opportunity, it is a good idea to place a treat or pellet where it can easily be seen. Once the bird gets the idea that there are treats involved, he will quickly become a skilled forager.

Jeb Stuart really enjoys playing with his baffle cage, and will spend hours carefully emptying the entire toy. Not only are we keeping his mind occupied, it also gives him some important exercise.