Jeb Stuart:

Meet Jeb Stuart

Jeb Stuart came to the Sanctuary from a small, private rescue in Georgia on May 9th. Jeb's human companion became very ill last year, and Jeb had to go to a rescue group. Vicki from Miss Vicki's Parrot Village in Georgia was more than happy to welcome Jeb into her home. But when she took him for his intake exam with the vets at the University of Georgia, his health problem was discovered. He was diagnosed as having aspergillosis, a fungal infection, which is caused by aspergillus spores. These spores are present everywhere, but can be especially concentrated in peanuts. Any bird who has an underlying health issue, such as a long-term deficient diet, is especially prone to developing this issue. The scary thing about aspergillosis is that it is a silent killer, and a bird can actually pass away without showing any obvious symptoms.

Vicki and the doctors at the university made sure that Jeb was getting the medical treatment that he needed. But treatment for aspergillosis is long and expensive. It can take more than a year of treatments to eradicate the spores from a bird's lungs and air sacs. The medical costs were taking away from the funds Vicki could use to help other birds in need. So she reached out to Best Friends to see if we would accept him.

We are already treating one bird with aspergillosis, so one more wasn't that big of a deal. We have vets on staff, which means we are more prepared to deal with long-term medical issues.