Jeb Stuart:

New job

Jeb's physical condition remains the same. He is not measurably healthier, but he is definitely not getting worse. That is not unusual with this disorder. Treatment often consists of keeping the condition from progressing.

However Jeb's emotional and social health continues to surprise us. There are few Congo African greys in rescue who are quite this outgoing. We've mentioned before about how he likes to talk with visitors to the Parrot Garden. Lately, he's been taking that one step further. Jeb is now helping to lead the Parrot Garden tours. And he takes this new job very seriously.

Right before the tour, Lisa goes to Jeb's outdoor enclosure and asks him if he wants to help with the tour. (The Parrot Garden is all about allowing the birds to decide what they would like to be involved with, so we ask rather than require them to take part). If Jeb is feeling social, he will step on to Lisa's hand and she takes him along to the Parrot Garden gazebo to start the tour.

For some people, Jeb is their first up close involvement with a bird. And he is the perfect parrot for the job. He is calm and quiet while Lisa explains his condition and teaches visitors about the intelligence and social nature of parrots.

Because Jeb is so verbal, we halfway believe he will eventually be ready to lead the tour himself!