Jeb Stuart:

New nebulizer

Twice a day Jeb Stuart has to sit in an incubator and breathe in the steam that carries the anti-fungal medication that he needs to save his life. The treatment takes about 15 minutes each time.

Sometimes hanging out in an incubator that long gets really boring. So Jeb decided to amuse himself by deconstructing his nebulizer tubing. He was so thorough at his efforts, we knew that it would cost more to repair the unit than to replace it.

When caregiver Bonnie Grafton went to replace the ancient and less than functional machine,  the best unit we could find was fashioned in the likeness of Barney the purple dinosaur. Now Jeb has something much more entertaining to look at then a plain old nebulizer tube.


We are keeping a very close eye on him to make sure that he leaves it alone - at least until he gets well!