Jeb Stuart:

The right spot

Jeb is quickly settling into a routine at the new Parrot Clinic. Every morning and every afternoon he spends time in the incubator while he receives a nebulizer treatment. The nebulizer delivers a fine mist of fungal medication to Jeb’s lungs and air sacs. Jeb takes the whole process in stride, and knows the routine so well that could probably put himself in the incubator if we asked him to.

Being sick hasn't affected Jeb's appetite at all. He eats every scrap of food we give him and almost begs for more. Since he is a little bit of a chunky monkey, and we are trying to help modify his food intake. Rather than high fat and calorie treats, we make sure he has access to a vegetable mix every day.

It didn't take long to discover just how people-oriented Jeb is. When you ask him if he wants a head scratch, he leans towards you with his head down, just to make sure you scratch just the right spot on his head. He is also a dancing fiend and loves to bob his head and click his beak to the music in his quarantine room. And when caregivers leave the room he chimes in with a jaunty "Goodbye, goodbye!"