Jeb Stuart:

Splish splash

Summer provides an extra special treat for the birds. Every day our Parrot Garden volunteers go around the outside enclosures and give the birds showers. The first pass is to just get the birds damp. However, some of the parrots have a difficult time waiting for the real soaking, so they jump into their water bowls. Though Jeb loves his showers, he knows the good stuff is still to come, so he sees no need to take a dip.

After everyone has a bit of a spritz (and perhaps a dunk in their water bowl), the hose returns for a more individualized and thorough soaking. The hose is set on the fine mist setting and it's angled up over the birds so that the water comes down like rain. Some birds like it more than the others. Jeb Stuart is one of those birds.

He relishes his showers and will flap his wings and bob his head up and down, having a jolly good time.