Jeb Stuart:


I recently re-examined Jeb Stuart. Per her caregivers, he has been doing pretty well — eating and acting normally and holding his weight nicely. He did have some audible wheezing and some increased effort to his breathing. I feel that a lot of this was due to the "stress" of the exam and coming to the clinic for radiographs as he typically does not do this at home at Parrot Garden.

He was a good boy for his radiographs. Unfortunately, I really did not see all that much change. He still has congestion in his lungs and airsacs. Birds, unlike mammals, have airsacs in addition to lungs to help with flight and these can become infected similar to lungs in a small animal. Although we were hoping that Jeb's radiographs would show improvement, it is not all that much of a surprise that they are unchanged. Aspergillosis is very difficult to clear in many birds.

We are continuing his treatments. Luckily, we have an avian and exotics specialist coming to Best Friends to help us with our parrots. Dr. Margaret Fordham will be visiting the Sanctuary in November and Jeb is one of the first birds on the list for her to evaluate to see if we can do anything to improve our treatments.