Jeb Stuart:

Watching his diet

Two weeks ago Jeb was visited by a vet tech from Dr. Fern VanZant's avian practice in Washington State. Ash was able to review Jeb's file and offer some suggestions used by Dr. Fern to maximize treatment options for birds with aspergillosis. Since this fungal infection makes it hard to breath normally, it forces a bird's heart and respiratory system to work much harder than that of a normal, healthy bird. One of the side effects can be an enlarged heart. Adequate nutrition can help mitigate many of the issues associated with this condition.

In order to keep up Jeb's hydration to help fight the infection, he gets fresh vegetables and fruit much more often than the majority of the other Sanctuary birds. Nuts and other fatty foods are limited as a precaution to keep him from developing atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). Other than watching his diet, Jeb’s treatment consists of twice-a-day nebulizer treatments. 

Tomorrow Jeb Stuart will leave our quarantine building and move in with the general population.  His condition is not contagious and we feel his emotional health will benefit from the company and activity in the main bird room. Jeb is an extremely social bird and we know he will love the ability to interact with visitors and volunteers.