Fluffy face Lego is back

A familiar fluffy face gave me a wary hello.

Lego was returned to us the other day. He had a great start in his home, and he was very loved. However, he had some type of setback that caused him to regress and act afraid of a male family member. His new family took a look at what was happening, at his environment, and at whether they could make changes that would make Lego's life less scary after this regression. Sadly, the honest answer was no. Loose dogs at the dog park, unpredictable encounters while out on walks ... too many factors were out of their control.

So fuzzy butt came on back to the Sanctuary. He was glad to see Steve and other familiar caregiver faces. Me? Well, that wary woof was pretty much how he always greeted me, so he remembered me just fine. He's on his way to getting settled back into the rhythm of life at Dogtown, and he'll get a once-over by the veterinary staff to rule out a medical reason for his sudden regression.

Soon enough we’ll be back to playing fetch in the dog park and Lego will continue to learn skills that will help him back into a home.