Ouch! Lightfoot arrived with wounds all over his neck and ears. But this bright, delightful cat is already healing up with a little help from Guardian Angels.

Lightfoot was found as a stray in Philadelphia. The group that found him just couldn’t leave him out there with all of those open wounds. But healing them up was tougher than you might think. Despite treatment, the wounds wouldn't go away.

So he came to Best Friends for special care.

Here, the vet team could imagine a lot of different possibilities for Lightfoot’s mysterious wounds. He might be doing it to himself. He might have a skin condition. Parasites are always possible. Or it could even be a simple allergy.

There was no doubt that antibiotics were needed right away, because the wounds were a bit infected. But the next challenge will be to find out what is causing them in the first place. And he’s in just the right place to find that out.

So let the diagnosing (and the healing) begin!

Guardian Angels, please welcome this charming cat who only wants to get comfortable so that he can find a home.

Welcome back January 13, 2016

Lightfoot returns from the beach.

More special September 8, 2015

Lightfoot’s adopter finds comfort and love in her newest feline family member.

Adopted! July 31, 2015

Lightfoot racks up the frequent flyer miles after travelling from Pennsylvania to Utah, and now to his home in Florida.

Stubborn July 22, 2015

When Lightfoot doesn’t want to return from a walk, he balks. So now he only has approved escorts.

Strolling specialist July 13, 2015

Lightfoot shows one volunteer that he knows how to walk the walk.

Making history July 6, 2015

Lightfoot becomes an ambassador as one of the first cats to ever be featured at the Welcome Center.

The great outdoors June 29, 2015

Lightfoot quickly graduates from stroller rides to walks on a harness and leash.

Healing June 9, 2015

There’s good news to report following Lightfoot’s recent medical check-up.

All-around cat May 29, 2015

Have a lap? Lightfoot would love to meet you. Have toys? Lightfoot would love to meet you, too.

Grand time May 8, 2015

A cat who loves to go to the veterinarian? Yep, that’s our Lightfoot.

Moving on up April 20, 2015

With an outside cattery and lots of catnip toys, Lightfoot thinks Cat Headquarters is the cat’s meow.

Hello, good-bye April 9, 2015

Lightfoot has one small set-back, but is doing so well, he’s moved to Cat World Headquarters.

Improvement April 2, 2015

Treatment already seems to be working for Lightfoot, though trial and error may be necessary.

Arrival March 25, 2015

Now at the Sanctuary, Lightfoot receives an initial examination treatment for his mysterious wounds.

Meet Lightfoot March 19, 2015

Originally from Philadelphia, Lightfoot comes to the Sanctuary for treatment for his persistent wounds.