Some wounds just won’t heal.

Usually, people are talking about broken hearts when the say that, but in Papaya’s case, he has an actual, physical wound that doesn’t want to heal.

The poor fellow was living outdoors and so obviously unwell that a rescue group in Florida just couldn’t leave him out there. Was it an injury? Or a skin disease? It was really hard to tell, but his poor head looked terrible.  

They took him in and loved the friendly fellow. But strangely, they couldn’t get his wound to heal. To make matters worse, it turned out he was feline leukemia (FeLV) discordant. That means he tests positive for feline leukemia on one kind of test, and negative on another kind. So to be safe, discordant cats shouldn’t be around either positive cats (who might make them fully positive) or negative cats (who might catch it from them). What a mess!

So Papaya came to Best Friends, where all of his Guardian Angels out there can look after him. And we’ll find out what that awful-looking condition on his head is.

Is it an old wound that won’t heal because of the feline leukemia? Is it the symptom of some other disease? We don’t know yet, but we do know that he’s a fantastic cat who deserves everything we can do him to get to the bottom of the problem and help him heal.

Please welcome Papaya!

Sneaky stealthy Papaya November 9, 2016

Papaya extends his bubble to the catio at Calmar

Papaya update October 11, 2016

Checking in on Papaya

Papaya is an eager helper. September 6, 2016

Leftovers? What leftovers? Papaya never lets food go uneaten.

Papaya runs for office August 15, 2016

A platform to get behind.

It's a sign. July 20, 2016

Extra special pets

Last laugh June 16, 2016

Papaya starts to trust a newcomer.

Neighborhood watch May 31, 2016

Papaya is our eye in the sky.

Catnip May 9, 2016

Shy ginger boy Papaya relaxes

New friends May 4, 2016

Papaya makes a new friend.

Quick update April 13, 2016

Papaya gets sprung from the clinic.

Nip tuck March 29, 2016

Papaya gets a little work done.

Consult time March 3, 2016

Papaya visits an ophthalmologist.

Deluxe accommodations February 10, 2016

Papaya moves to a room with a view.

Medical update February 2, 2016

Papaya is the clinic’s orange mascot.

Playful guy January 12, 2016

While Papaya’s wound slowly heals, his trust grows exponentially.

Scary moment December 28, 2015

Papaya has a busy week.

Small steps December 8, 2015

Former community cat Papaya starts to show signs of healing.

He’s perfect November 19, 2015

Community cat Papaya instantly joins the Best Friend’s family.