Can we hand-raise a motherless foal? 

This is going to be no easy task! And truth be told, it’s a venture that often has a sad ending. 

Foals really need moms. But we’re going to do everything we can to make sure Prince has a happily-ever-after instead.

Prince actually does have a mom. But she rejected him from birth. When they realized he wasn’t being cared for, his people took him to a vet to see what can be done. And it turned out that trying to raise a “motherless” foal was going to take round-the-clock work, a lot of precautions, a lot of money, and basically be a full-time job. A full-time job that could easily end sadly. 

So Prince came to Best Friends at the age of one and a half weeks for his best chance possible at growing up into a big horse. 

It won’t be easy! And there are no guarantees. Plus, it’s important that as we raise him, he also gets enough experience with other horses to realize that he is one – and not just a furry person with a very long nose. 

But this little guy is precious, and already, the whole Sanctuary is in love. Guardian Angels, please welcome the cutest little thing you’ve ever met – and let’s help him get the acceptance and nurturing he so deserves.

A friend for Prince December 28, 2016

Prince gets a big little sister..

Prince learns about living with Buzz October 21, 2016

Buzz moves in, Feather moves out.

Mentor 2.0, meet Buzz. October 6, 2016

Prince the orphan foal gets a new teacher.

Mosey on down the lane. September 7, 2016

Prince and Ann go for a stroll.

Prince is full of surprises. August 30, 2016

Prince is beautiful whatever color he settles on.

Starting Prince on halter August 18, 2016

Follow me buddy, it’s easy!

Wait over there, grumpy face! August 3, 2016

Hand over that milk! Prince learns some manners around feeding time.

School is in July 12, 2016

Prince meets Ann and starts to learn life long lessons

Monkey see, monkey do July 6, 2016

Prince gives a demonstration on the proper way to take a dust bath.

Growth spurt July 1, 2016

Scrawny newborn no more

Get moving June 24, 2016

More exercise helps Prince keep all systems going.

Scamper! June 14, 2016

Prince gets more room to play and get stronger

Uncle Feather June 1, 2016

Prince enjoy's some goat milk.

Settling in May 26, 2016

First day agenda: eat, sleep, poop.

Little prince May 20, 2016

A tiny foal makes a big impact.