A friend for Prince

It’s been awhile since we’ve written an update on Mr. Prince, and quite a few things have happened in his life since then. He lived only with Buzz for a while, and then he had an exciting development when we got a mother and foal pair to be his new buddies. Their names are Mango and Kiwi and they came from the same rescue group as Prince.

Kiwi, the filly, is a month younger than Prince, and we got her with the hope that they could be playmates. It’s so good for foals to have other foals to play with. It’s by far the best outlet for all their youthful mischievousness and a good way for them to get the exercise their brains and bodies need.

We introduced Mango and Kiwi while Buzz was still here and they all lived together for a few weeks. Then I took Buzz home, and Prince has been living with his new herd ever since. Mango, the mama, is a really nice, laid back kind of girl and is mellow with Prince. We really lucked out with her! A lot of people have asked me if she has accepted him as a surrogate mother and no, she doesn’t think of him as her own foal. But she is very tolerant of him and is a good adult mentor and herd leader, which is important for youngsters to have.  

Kiwi is a month younger than Prince, but she’s a lot bigger than he is. It took him a while to learn to play with her, but now they are fun little buddies and play all the time. Without Kiwi to play with, I think Prince would just stand at the feeder, eat and turn into a major couch potato, but she is pretty lively and playful and takes him along for the fun.

We moved them all to a bigger area and have some work to do to get Mango and Kiwi up to speed on some training so that they can all go out together on outings. That will be fun — more exposure, more exercise and more good preparation for adoption. Prince’s job right now consists mostly of growing, growing, and hopefully some more growing. He also needs some more training for sure, but that’s a story for another day.


With this update, Prince is graduating to 'alumni' status. As Ann says, Prince's job right now is to grow. We will check in from time to time on this little herd and update you with any exciting developments.