Monkey see, monkey do

I admit it. One of the animals I wanted to meet the most while visiting Best Friends Animal Sanctuary during All-Staff Week was Prince. I mean come on, who can blame me? That little guy is irresistible.

So when I got to Horse Haven, I was pleased that Jen was just about to feed Prince and then let him and Feather out into the corral. So not only did I get to see mealtime, which was amazingly short, I got to see the little guy in action. Not surprisingly, he displayed lots of energy. First he played with the red ball, which was almost as big as he was. Then he ran around.

Feather, on the other hand, displayed a bit more maturity and decided to take a nice dust bath. Feather’s actions didn’t escape Prince’s notice and it wasn’t long before the colt was on the ground himself. However, with all that baby energy he wouldn’t settle for just one roll in the sand. Prince rolled again and again, and once again with gusto. Then when he finally finished, I imagine he gave Feather a how-it’s-done look and then got right back to playing.