Mosey on down the lane.

Now that we’ve taught Prince to lead, we decided to expand his horizons a bit and see how he felt about the wide, wide world. We also took Feather as moral support and went on the loop around the pastures near Horse Haven headquarters known as “Lover’s Lane.” We expected Prince to look around and be wowed by all of the new sights and wonders, but we were very much disappointed. He walked along like he’d been there and done that a hundred times before. He was even so blase as to have to chew on his own lead rope to keep himself entertained as we sauntered along.

The only time he even got interested in his surroundings at all was when we walked by Thumper and Lady’s pasture and they came running over to see him. He looked up at them for a minute and then was like, “Whatever”, and just went moseying down the road again.

I’m not gonna lie,. I was a little deflated that he wasn’t as thrilled as Jen and I were about the walk But actually it’s good that he’s so calm and level-headed. It means that he feels 100 percent safe with us, which is, ultimately, our goal with any horse. And he led very well on the whole walk, so that was great, too.