Prince learns about living with Buzz

It’s going well with Prince and Buzz. He was pretty intimidated by Buzz at first, but we’re seeing more and more instances of them eating near each other and even napping together once in a while. For a while, we closed off the upper portion of their area at night and just let Feather and Prince go up in there for the night and only turned them out with Buzz during the day. They shared a fence line overnight, but were only together when we were around to supervise. But now they’re turned out together 24/7 and we’ve been able to disassemble the temporary top portion of the pen so that they are just in the “red corral” all the time now.

Prince has a little bit of obvious trouble and confusion every time we change something, but he adjusts quickly. We can’t have him be a “bubble boy” all his life, so he might as well get used to change. My dream is for him to be able to eventually transition into one of our beautiful pastures up in the canyon where he can be encouraged to run, stretch his legs, and develop good feet and live like a real horse.

And in the spirit of change, it’s also time to send Feather home. He is starting to get way too pudgy on the free choice diet and now that it’s going so well with Buzz, it’s time. We’ll miss having him around here, for sure. It’s so cute to see them in there together, but we know that’s the way it’s gotta be. Of course, I won’t miss Feather because he gets to come home with me!


Photos by Molly Wald, Kurt Budde, Wendy Gallant