Prince has really settled in and has adjusted really well to all of the recent changes in his world: the transport, the new people, the new environment and meeting Feather. That’s a whole lot of change for a little kid, and we wanted to make sure that he is stable and doing OK before we did anything else.  

Dr Tara checked him over today and gave him the thumbs up. Since he’s doing well, our next step is to make his world a little bigger and give him space to run and play. Movement is essential for them to develop correctly. Without movement, they don’t get good circulation. And without good circulation, bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments don’t get strong enough ensure healthy, sound legs or feet.   

More room to run is also important for Prince from a mental perspective. Foals, like all babies, need to be able to run and play. If they don’t have room to play and burn off that naturally exuberant baby energy, they can redirect that energy into naughty things like jumping on people and getting into mischief.

So today we set up a bunch more panels to expand Prince and Feather’s area. It’s about four times larger than where was, and he was pretty excited to have more room to romp. Enjoy the video of Prince when we first turned him out into the playpen.