Settling in

The first thing I noticed about Prince when he arrived is how small he is. I guess his weight to be somewhere around 45 pounds. The foal blankets I had all ready for him were way too big, so I went scavenging up at Dogtown and found him several dog coats that are more his size. He now has several coats that we can layer up to accommodate anything from cool to really cold weather.  

Prince’s first night went really well. In order to accommodate his every-two-hour feeding schedule, I decided the easiest thing would be to just bring up a cot and sleep in the Horse Haven office between meals. It worked out great and he ate like a champ. It didn’t take him long to figure out that the heat lamps were the warm spot to snuggle down and sleep in.

He was a little bit worried about being by himself so I actually spent a fair bit of time between meals with him so he didn’t get too worked up. I sure wish Feather had been able to make it over for this first night, but the weather is clearing and he should be able to come over this afternoon. While it’s good for my ego to be Prince’s “mom” and the center of where he finds comfort, it isn’t what’s best for Prince. Horses are herd animals and it’s vital for their mental and social development that they learn how to be horses from other horses.  

The only bump in the road so far for him has been his constipation. As I talked about in a previous entry, the raw goat’s milk is pretty rich, which can block him up a little. He arrived at about 5 p.m. and when he hadn’t pooped by 5 a.m. the next morning I decided he needed some help. While enemas aren’t anyone’s favorite thing, they are very effective and it wasn’t long after this that he finally pooped. And he obviously felt much better afterwards.


(Please enjoy video snippets of this little guys first day at Horse Haven hippity hopping around)