Nope, that’s not the sound of someone who’s allergic to cats. It’s the sound of a cat who’s allergic to the world!

Poor Sonya. Her environmental allergies have left her eyes and nose feeling rotten. And she has food allergies, too.

She was once a stray who arrived at a Colorado shelter, looking terrible with inflamed skin. She was even allergic to the mites in her ears!  

Allergies are a tough thing to diagnose and treat in a pet. So Sonya is getting all kinds of special care here at the Sanctuary. And her vets and caregivers are going to document closely what works for her and what doesn’t, in hope of helping other allergy-prone pets out there.  

She’s such a cute girl who is always on the go and always patrolling her cat building. And she’s feisty, too! She loves to be petted — until she doesn’t, and then she’ll swat you to let you know that was enough! We have a feeling she’s going to fight those allergies with just as much vigor.

So please welcome Sonya!

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